BASEBALL DRILLS—- this is a collection of ideas I have viewed over the years which will help a player develop through drill work

great example of what we are preaching

Work off back side- snap barrel through zone without drifting forward

A strong front side allows you to get behind the ball and hit all parts of the plate with power

Make sure you attack the ball from your left ear. Staying behind ball you will start to make movements toward the target with momentum AS YOU FIELD IT. Arrive on time – heal/toe – heal/toe….. throw

Quick hands. Lots of REPS! You don’t need a lot of space

Smooth hands- quick hands – quick transfer which would help in most middle infield plays

Flamingo drill – keep left foot in the air and put it down as the ball enters the glove – shuffle then throw

BELOW ⬇️⬇️ we want fielders to work around the ball and then fast footwork to world toward the target

This is a GREAT DRILL to stop the long swing and really teach the player to be short to the ball

Great drill to keep hands tight, quick, and inside baseball

Attention paid to details. Each drill builds your swing – no wasted swings

Quick hands – tight barrel in the zone – teaching barrel to stay in zone longer

The HIPS FIRE FIRST – then the hands a split second after – watch the BACK KNEE DRIVE at the ball –

Here is a side view showing of center of mass movement creates pelvic rotation. Pushing off the rubber doesn’t create necessarily create power and can lead to poor sequences of leg extension taking away from pelvic rotation. If we can transfer weight down and forward – events starting with the ankle will allow efficient and well timed rotation

Catchers—— footwork

pick offs at second

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