Matawan High School Baseball Team Rules and Expectations


You should not be a member of this team if you do not have high expectations for yourself, your teammates, and this program. How you choose to conduct yourself both publicly and privately will reflect on your family, your teammates, your coaches, your school, and the entire Matawan community.


As a student athlete, you must conduct yourself in accordance with team and school regulations. In this players guide we will introduce you to these regulations. However this guide is not intended to be all inclusive in its scope.


  1. Hustle 100% of the time. We will out-hustle and out-work our opponents.

  2. You will run out all ground and fly balls at full speed, no matter how inevitable a put out might appear.

  3. Helmet throwing, equipment throwing, poor body language, use of profanity, and/or temper tantrums will not be tolerated and you may be removed from the game.

  4. You will not show up/confront umpires, opposing players, opposing coaches, or spectators. You will address the coaching staff properly at all times. Private conversations about disagreements are encouraged. An open dialogue is encouraged for both player and parent.

  5. Be on time! There will be NO excuses accepted for being late for practice or a game unless we are notified in advance.

  6. Missed practices without prior arrangements will not be tolerated. One missed practice, sit one-half game suspension; second, one game suspension and parent contact; three, you are removed from the team. (Some absences are excusable; contacting your coach will show your responsibility).

  7. If for some reason you will be absent or late for practice or game you will personally talk to one of the coaches prior to the practice or game time, preferably at least one-day in advance. If you miss school due to an illness, send an email or Remind App text message to a coach that morning. Missing time/games for recreational activity is not a good situation for anyone and each case will be dealt with by the coaching staff.

  8. No one will be permitted to leave practice or a game early without prior approval of one of the coaches and proper forms are filled out – such as the travel release.

  9. Unexcused absences, getting sent to the office with a referral, being sent to detention and/or AEP, are all unacceptable and will be dealt with consequences.

  10. No bullying, harassing, or hazing of other students or teammates will be tolerated. This will lead to removal from team.

  11. CLEAN game uniforms must be worn correctly at all times. You are not only representing yourself, but also representing your teammates, coaches, family, school, community, and the game itself.

  12. You must be in uniform for all practices: team hat, team shirt/jersey, grey pants.
    Only Matawan colors (maroon, grey, white, and black) are permitted and uniforms must be worn correctly at all times.

  13. When outside, sleeves must be worn at all times until a coach directs otherwise.

  14. If you are sore/hurt/injured, you must tell a coach and seek the proper treatment from the trainer. Barring an emergency, players should see the trainer before seeing a family doctor regarding an athletic injury.

  15. Everyone will work to maintain our field and keep it clean. Pick up and throw away all garbage. Leave the dugout and field area in better conditions than when you arrived. This includes opposing team’s facilities as well.

  16. OUTSIDE TRAVEL BASEBALL IS OVER until the final pitch of our season.

  17. You will stay in good academic standing or be forced to miss time upon teacher request. It is your responsibility to stay on course and to request assistance when necessary.

  18. No alcohol, drugs, or tobacco use as per the Board of Education policy and student athlete handbook.


Discipline will include, but is not limited to, the following: field clean up, suspension for a certain number of innings and/or games, or dismissal from the team.


Matawan Husky Baseball Team Philosophies


  1. Play hard
  2. Be tough
  3. Know what you are doing
  4. Be accountable for your actions
  5. Play the game the right way, 100% of the time



  1. Always have the players safety in mind
  2. Be fair
  3. Develop the player’s fundamentals
  4. Develop and implement a plan to put players in a position to be successful

Parent Expectations

  • Be positive with your athlete. Let them know you are proud they are part of the team. Focus on the benefits of teamwork and personal discipline.
  • Encourage your athlete to follow all training rules. Help the coaches build a commitment to the team.
  • Allow your athlete to perform and progress at a level consistent with his ability. Athletes mature at different ages; some are more gifted than others.
  • Always support the coaching staff when controversial decisions are made. The coaches need your backing to keep good morale on the team.
  • Insist on positive behavior in school and a high level of performance in the classroom.  Numerous studies indicate extracurricular involvement helps enhance academic performance.
  • Stay calm in injury situations. Parents can help minimize the trauma by being in control and offering comfort. Allow the school medical staff to perform their assessment of your son’s injury. No parent is allowed on the field unless the training staff requests it.
  • Cheer for our team and players. Opponents and umpires deserve respect. Realize that high school players will make mistakes. Your support is needed during tough times.
  • Promote having fun and being a team player. Very few high school athletes receive athletic scholarships. Concentrate on what is best for the team. Preoccupation with statistics can be very distracting.
  • An athlete’s self-confidence and self-image will be improved by support at home. Comparison to others is discouraged. Encourage the athlete to do their best regardless of family or friends who may have been outstanding players.
  • Winning is fun, but building positive team values is most important. The concept of working together to perform a task will have lasting benefits. Winning takes place when all the little things are done correctly.
  • Athletes must attend all practices, games and team events. Stress the necessity to make a commitment to the team.


Field/Dugout Expectations


  1. Players will be focused on baseball.
  2. Players will not use cell phones during practices or games unless it is an emergency.
  3. Players will not have interaction with anyone off the field or outside the dugout without permission.
  4. Always respect your teammates, coaches, umpires, the game, and most importantly yourself.