Some thoughts about this weekends games,,,,,,,

We are doing a good job. BOTH TEAMS have gotten away from the line drive mentality. Beach Blast was great and so was week 1 of USABL. But now we as a group are not thinking baseball – what count is against you – what pitch you are looking for AND THEN what pitch you get. Do not help the opposing pitcher especially when ahead in the count. : Team 1 – our major flaw this week was taking too many good pitches. You do not see that many GOOD pitches per at bat, so when you get one dont miss out – especially with men on base -put the ball in play. Make the defense make a play. No Fly outs. Team 2 – Did not take advantage of opportunities to drive in runs. We had men on base with less than 2 outs and did little to move riunners aloing or drive them in.

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