THROWING PROGRAM with 2 weeks to go

1. Running Distance or for time is key – either before a pre season throwing session or after – the body will react positively when warm and soreness will lessen if you run after

2. ACTIVE WARM UP – all kinds of shoulder rotational excercises that we have done in our program for years

3. DO NOT THROW HARD = you will not get any better or more speed on your ball by throwing hard in pre season – every clinic our staff has gone to over the past few years has had ONE COMMON theme: LONG TOSS LONG TOSS LONG TOSS…. this builds strength and stamina .

4. When indoors – light throwing, concentrate on throwing with your legs and body – NOT ALL ARM – 10 minutes of light to moderate throwing with 2 weeks before the season – if arm gets tired sooner = STOP

5. If you get any warm days – Find a field and start at 50 feet and move back in intervals of 10 feet- up to 180 feet – and then back to 50

6. Static stretch and running after throwing IS RECOMMENDED

7. Pitchers should be close to the 40 pitch mark by the first day of practice if they have worked since January with a gradual pitch count build up

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