Nick Santuccio scattered 10 hits over 6 and 2/3 innings and the Husky offense did just enough to get by. Mike Creamer hit a triple and was squeezed home by Billy Rodriguez. Billy later added a 2 rbi single. Mike Creamer came on to put down a Flier 7th inning rally striking out Neptune’s best hitter on 3 pitches for the one out save.

Matawan exploded for 10 runs in the bottom of the 5th on hits by Matt Esposito, justin Henderson, Nick Smith and Joe piscopo to come back and beat Keansburg 10-3. Adam Elliott pitched 5 innings followed by Mike Creamer and Colin Thompson. The game was played at the home of the Staten Island Yankees.


Here is a quick run-through on how the new power point system will work:

  • The cutoff date is May 10. Up to a team’s first 15 games up to and including May 10 will count toward postseason position.
  • Teams will get six points for a victory, and no points for a loss.
  • Teams will also receive “Group points” for victories, depending on the size of the school it defeated. Beat a Group 4 team, get four points, beat a Group 3 and get three, and on from there.

If you beat a Non-Public team, you will get group points based on the team’s Non-Public-to-Public equivalency size. All Non-Public equivalencies can be found HERE — the vast majority of non-public schools in the state are Group 1 equivalents.

If you beat an out-of-state team, it is the in-state school’€™s responsibility to determine what group size the out-of-state school would be in if it was in-state and report that in order to receive the appropriate power points.

  • Teams will also receive residual points from the first 15 games played up to and including May 10 of all teams they play in up to their first 15 games up to and including May 10.

For every win a team you defeated records, you earn three residual points. For every win a team you lost to records, you earn one residual point.

In regards to out-of-state teams, it is again the in-state team’s responsibility to report the residual information in order to receive the appropriate residual points.

  • Ties will not be recognized nor formulated as part of power point calculations.

And here is a rundown on how postseason berths will be determined, and then seeded:

  • To be eligible for the postseason, teams must a) play 70 percent of their 15 qualifying games against in-state opponents and b) play 70 percent of all games on or before the May 10 cutoff date against in-state opponents.
  • All teams with a .500 or better record in their first 15 games up to and including May 10 automatically qualify for the postseason.
  • Sub-.500 teams can then receive berths in the postseason fields to fill slots not occupied by teams with a .500 or better record based on power points earned.
  • Once an entire postseason field is set, seeding will be done based on power points earned.

The Huskies avenged an earlier loss to Freehold with a 4-0 on Thursday at Dieter Johnson Field.  Nick Santuccio pitched a complete game shutout scattering 5 hits, 8 strike outs, and one walk over 7 innings.  RBIs by Billy Rodriguez, Luke Adduchio, and Joe Piscopo led the Huskies 11 hit offensive charge.  Nick Santuccio is now 4-1.

Matawan is 7-4 and 4-3 in the A Central.

in a strange turn of events, the Huskies who were stymied by Howell pitching ace Zach Loresch for 5 innings broke out in the 6 scoring three runs.  RBI hits by Mike Creamer, Nick Santuccio, and Cory Nusbaum put the Huskies ahead.  Starting pitcher, sophomore Adam Elliott, pitched 6 effective innings.  The true test of mental fortitude came in the first when Howell had bases loaded and no one out with a run already in and Elliott shut the door right there allowing one more hit the rest of the game.  Mike Creamer came on in the 7th to record his second save.

This was Matawan’s first MCT tournament win in many years as the Huskies do not regularly join this tournament due to scheduling problems.  Colts Neck HS Saturday at 2pm is next for the Huskies.