College Recruiting Process

Hello Husky Families.   This message will be displayed here and then transferred to a separate tab by middle of November.

I am writing you with some updates from conversations I have had most recently with several college coaches and I wanted to share some information.

First off, I have asked those interested to give me a list of schools they would like to target.  I will sit with the player after school and we can look at those schools websites and contact information.

Most sites now have a link for recruits to sign in or leave personal information on a link from their website.  This information is collected and used by the school.

The other method is for me or the student to contact the coach via email to show your interest in the school – but to send a generic email is a “no -no”.  I have been told if you are serious about attending – do your research, know the curriculum and be able to explain why that school is a fit for you.  College coaches are turned off by a “fishing” email where it doesn’t look like the student even knows where the school is.  Video of play, training, pitching, BP is HELPFUL to have on hand in case you get a response asking for such.  They want to see a HS coach and/or the student taking initiative in reaching out IF THEY HAVE NOT SEEN YOU YET at a clinic, workout, or tournament.

I also have FIELDLEVEL accounts.  This is a free interface where colleges and myself can at least try to make contact/promotion or sometimes they ask for a specific need of a position.  Other times they do searches for a type of player/position and your name could be sent to them by FIELDLEVEL.  I have told the players frequently to see me for sign up information, some have not taken full advantage of this program.

Lastly, I was told that the student needs to be realistic of their abilities and the level of play.  If you want to play in college and have ability- there is a place for most out there.  To this fact, there are several walk-up/clinic style showcases where the colleges who will attend will be displayed on the site or flyer as attending. You pay to go and work out in front of these schools. This is also an effective tool.  Remember, in the spring and most of the fall – these coaches are with their respective college programs and will have little time to go to every team showcase, if any.  Summer is their time to be active.  Be careful not to fall into the trap of big promises of a tournament which will have college scout in attendance, as this is sometimes misleading.  If you think you need to have more eyes on you – the walk up clinic may be the way to go.  The All Star Baseball Academy out of Coatesville, PA or Cherry Hill, NJ even offers winter showcases for colleges to get a look.  They may be pricey at times but if the college name is on the bottom line, they will be there. There are others like that from time to time in our area as well, be on the look out.  I will try to post them here as I see them as well.

If you have any questions, please contact me and we can meet up and talk with your student athlete and try to help the process.

Yours in baseball,

Coach Carno

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