A Huge Thank You

As the baseball team enters the “Last Dance “ tournament this week, I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks on behalf of the staff, players, and parents to the men who made this team a reality.

State rules prohibited the high school staff from having any link to the team or tournament until July 13. This would have made it nearly impossible for Matawan to enter a team. The rules conflict didn’t hinder our cause because of the actions of a group of men in our community.

In the 23 years I have been coaching at Matawan HS, I have seen the resolve of the alumni. From donations of time or materials to help the program, to the alumni helping in various ways, to seeing baseball scholarships being provided to our players – the Matawan Baseball community always comes through for its players.

This time was no different. Starting with the help of the Babe Ruth league and the towns of Matawan and Aberdeen providing fields and a path to play, this endeavor started off as a team effort.

But the organization and hard work of baseball graduates Mike Pallitto (93) and Cory Nusbaum (14) and former player, parent club member and baseball dad Jim Nusbaum, this last dance team is ready to take the field. Your actions made this team a reality and its hard to show enough gratitude for your efforts. Coach Pallitto, Jim and Cory have spent countless hours of their own time putting this together, navigating the rules, planning practices, etc. The senior players will get one last chance to take the field together, while their parents get one last glimpse of their boys playing the game with their friends. As the head coach and speaking for the my staff, I could not be happier for these kids while feeling a great sense of pride for our community and alumni who took on this challenge- I CANNOT AND WE CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!

The added bonus was seeing more Matawan alumni lend a hand to enhance the experience for our kids – Nick Villanueva, Eric Anderson and Adam Elliott – we owe you a huge thank you as well ! Your time volunteering shows the strength of Matawan baseball. What a great showing of pride, camaraderie, community and dedication to Matawan baseball by the actions of these 6 men!

Good luck this week Matawan Baseball – your community is rooting for you every step of the way.


– Coach Carno, Vas, Kaye, Scheuing and Cella

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