Very Important

***2 very important deadlines this week!!!

Monday – we need head count for end of year banquet – player is free –

Is player coming? Are parents/siblings? We need a head count for the venue by Monday – please respond ASAP

All of the boosters/ shout outs / pages / ads and pictures for the year book are due on TUESDAY – no exceptions! The book has to go to the graphic artist then to print

Please adhere to these 2 dates -emails have been sent in the past few days for these topics as well

Thank you

Senior Day 2019

Huskies win! Thaaaaaaaaa- Huskies! Win !

Matawan with a total team effort at the Somerset Patriot game over Sayreville by a score of 6-4. 6 Husky pitchers were very effective on the hill with Danny Hirujo getting the official victory but solid efforts by Carlos Zeno, 2 innings from Rj Clifton, Jackson Hercek and Johm Beukers with the save. The offense was paced by a 2 Rbi double by Griffin Falco, go ahead rbi by Ben Porricelli, and rbi singles by Jimmy Nichols, Christian Rivera and Chris Gendi.

Varsity off –

Vote for Gendi for pitcher of week 5 in Shore Conference

Shore sports network chose Chris Gendi as pitcher of week 5 – now the vote goes up against other divisions

Scroll to bottom – to vote