Freshman baseball meeting

Thursday 2/7


Room 413

This has been proven time and time again

This is nothing new but to beat up the same body parts year round playing the same sport is not a good idea. You can stay in practice through lessons or drill work but playing the same sport 12 months out of the year leads to the body breaking down

Out of season strength training

Please give coach Carno your gym visit print outs for the month of January. If you see a trainer please see me to explain your progress

We must use the off season /pre season to get physically stronger in preparation for the season

Family ID is open

The Family ID portal is open for the SPRING BASEBALL SEASON -Please log in & sign up AS SOON AS POSSIBLE – if u need a new physical you will be told -DO NOT WAIT – we would Like to be the 1st team w/ lists completed. Waiting until last minute will be frowned upon

End of marking period & QMs are on the horizon

The coaching staff has been checking grades. Look at your portal. Be mindful of your average in the first 2 marking periods. Don’t do enough to just get by – work to excel!! Don’t chance your eligibility by not making academics a priority.

*Talk to your teachers.

*Go for tutorial.

*Study for QMs



We start in less than 50 days—— Carno

Updated form


at CK in Marlboro

Colleges – MCC, OCC, Felician, Mercer CC, Bloomfield, Montclair, Kean, Rutgers Newark, Johnson and Wales, McDaniel, NJCU, College of St. Elizabeth, Marymount

732 617 8117 – Register ASAP

Infielder/ Outfielder session           and a Pitcher/Catcher session       OR BOTH