2012-2013 Groupings

go to njsiaa.org and look for 2012-2013 groupings/classifications – Matawan is a Group II in Baseball……..

END of Summer

Great job by Team 1 defeating Team 2 to take the USABL division championship 4-3. We have made great strides this summer. We have worked hard. We have taken new ideas and concepts about hitting and used them. Do not lose site of the goal. Work at your skills on your own in the coming months while the weather is good..
Good Luck to those who are playing fall ball..


Team 1 vs Team 2 for all the marbles. 3pm game. be there by at least 230. SUBS to players and families to follow. TEAM 1 brings chips/snacks/dessert. TEAM 2 bring regular soda/ Diet/ and water = PLEASE…………. pay up if you havnt for summer ball

WORKOUTS Monday the 30th and Wed Aug 1st.

Work outs from 830 to 10. Wear pants.Monday will be some new baseball specific exercises and hitting. Wed will be bull pen sessions and live situations.

NEXT SUNDAY -3pm – Team 1 vs Team 2 for the USABL Division Championship, Food and Snacks to follow the game at the HS field.

Some thoughts about this weekends games,,,,,,,

We are doing a good job. BOTH TEAMS have gotten away from the line drive mentality. Beach Blast was great and so was week 1 of USABL. But now we as a group are not thinking baseball – what count is against you – what pitch you are looking for AND THEN what pitch you get. Do not help the opposing pitcher especially when ahead in the count. : Team 1 – our major flaw this week was taking too many good pitches. You do not see that many GOOD pitches per at bat, so when you get one dont miss out – especially with men on base -put the ball in play. Make the defense make a play. No Fly outs. Team 2 – Did not take advantage of opportunities to drive in runs. We had men on base with less than 2 outs and did little to move riunners aloing or drive them in.

week of 7/23 workouts

Tuesday the 24th at 830 am and wednesday at 830 am………. see you there

tomorrow at 10am

if anyone of either team wants to work out tomorrw morning at 10 AM I will be at the HS Field…


Team 1 Sunday at 9 AM is now Monday at 5:45 be there at 5:15. Sunday Team 2 is still at 12pm. Mike Creamer on the hill. ON SUNDAY I WILL BE THERE at 10am anyway if guys on either team want to come and work out, throw, long toss, take BP, inidividual work….. ALSO PAY UP FOR SUMMER LEAGUE IF U DID NOT DO SO …..

We talked about it on Monday…. read it …

Read the keys to winnning – read about BASE2……..

Good job Monday morning …… over 150 swings in an hour… good work

Baseball workouts next week !!!!!!!!!!!

There will be informal baseball workouts the week of the 16th….. MONDAY 830am to 1030am     and       WEDNESDAY   830am to 1030am – this does not conflict with any other sport – so unless you are working make arrangements to be there…….. – thanks     Coach Carno

Day One of our own site….. huskiesbaseball.org

This site will contain all kinds of useful information including games, stats, photos, videos, and Diamond Club news.