Freshman baseball meeting

tuesday at 215 in room 413. Will only take 10 min

We need help!!!!

Emergency !! Tomorrow at 6pm meet at baseball field so we can roll up the wind screens before this storm destroys them. I’m sorry but it has to be done like previous teams did b4 Irene and Sandy. If we get everyone it will take 20 min. I’ll bring string u bring scissors. Please and thank you. 

NCAA athletic/ educational process and qualifications

This is the POWER POINT from the NCAA ATHLETIC QUALIFICATIONS presentation by the director of compliance at Monmouth University.

It covers all classes you need to have passed in order to qualify for athletic participation.

NCAA qualifications night at the HS

power point to follow


nothing Thursday….

No practice tomorrow – Thursday. We may do something Sunday morning. I’ll let u know ASAP 

Hitting Tuesday

830-10 at hs

Shorts are ok

Thursday cancelled

due to massive parking lot construction – and other sports using building – we will cancel Thursday work out and look to meet again Tuesday.